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Success Despite a Global Crisis
Image Access Reports Record-Breaking Year

Wuppertal, Germany - January 18, 2022

The last two years have been dominated by the global Corona crisis, an extremely challenging time for many companies. Despite supply chain issues and international logistical challenges brought on by the crisis in 2020, Image Access was able to exceed the turnover of previous years, reporting record-breaking sales of scanners in 2021.

For 28 years, Image Access GmbH has been a technological leader, designing and developing products for digitizing and archiving documents and a variety of other original artifacts. Large format. flatbed and book scanners as well other specialty scanners, like the WideTEK 36ART for digitizing fine art, meet the needs of customers in a broad range of industries.

In the wake of the Corona crisis, digitization suddenly became a priority in nearly everyone's lives. Closed premises and contact restrictions meant that schools and universities, archives and libraries, and all companies that had previously only had access to many documents in analog form had to rethink and act quickly.

Image Access book scanners were in high demand and were produced in large quantities for worldwide distribution. Additional staff in production was essential to meet the high demand. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, work on the new Bookeye 5 book scanner generation was underway. Image Access launched the new generation with the smaller Bookeye 5 V3 in February 2020. The "big brother" Bookeye 5 V2 followed in the summer of the same year. In 2021, Image Access designed, developed, and released further models in the Bookeye 5 family of products, featuring an automatically moving V-shaped glass plate, gently digitizing the most fragile originals. The new Bookeye generation, like the previous one, is characterized by durability, simple and intuitive operation, modern design, and brilliant image quality.

There were also new developments in flatbed scanners. In June 2021, Image Access launched the first CIS flatbed scanner, WideTEK 24F, by far the fastest CIS flatbed scanner on the market, that scans highly accurately at resolutions up to 1200 dpi. Later in the year, a new CCD flatbed scanner, WideTEK 12-SPECTRUM, was launched as the world's only UV, VIS, IR, 3D, and backlight flatbed scanner for formats up to DIN A3+, opening several new markets. Typical applications include the authenticity verification of banknotes, passports, ID cards, birth, or marriage certificates. A unique feature is its ability to capture 3D surfaces for industrial quality control and surface inspection and verification.

The scanner manufacturer continues to look to the future with great optimism. "We create, design, simulate and verify hardware and software with the latest CAD/CAM tools available before we release the best possible products to the assembly lines. We love to work at the forefront of technology to help digitize the world. The new Bookeye 5 V1A Professional, the largest book scanner of the new generation, will be launched early this year. More products to come, stay tuned" sums up CEO Thomas Ingendoh. Register to receive our newsletter.


CEO Thomas Ingendoh +
COO Rüdiger Klepsch

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Image Access is the technology leader in the large format scanning market and offers products in all large format segments: Bookeye® overhead scanners for books and documents more than A1 in size, WideTEK® 36ART contact-free fine art scanner for formats up to 36 x 60 inches, WideTEK® flatbed scanners for formats more than A2 / 25x18.5", WideTEK® sheetfeed scanners for documents between 36", 48" and 60" as well as 36" duplex scanners for high volume production of double sided scans and WideTEK® MFP solutions for every wide format printer on the market.

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