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New WideTEK® CCD Scanner Generation –
Chassis D is Launched

A complete redesign of the electronics and improved hardware adds new functionality
and enhances the already acclaimed camera technology. Shipping now at the same low prices.

The latest generation of large format CCD scanners from Image Access, internally named "Chassis D", offers a number of new features and functionality as well as many upgrades to critical components.

The new mainboard is an Intel® Core™ Gen 9 processor which ensures faster data processing. Together with a faster 250GB SSD drive, internal processes and the system start time are significantly accelerated. The new 7 inch multi-touch display with higher resolution increases the ease of use and improves workflow. And, the configurable dark mode enables the user to work ergonomically and in a way that is easy on the eyes.

Of course, all WideTEK® CCD scanners are delivered with the latest version of the Scan2Net® software. Best of all, the new generation of WideTEKs is already shipping at the same competitive prices as the previous generation.

The updates and improvements in a nutshell:

  • New mainboard with an an Intel® Core™ Gen 9 processor
  • Three times faster image processing
  • Fast 250GB SSD replaces HDD
  • New, powerful but very silent micro stepping motors & controls
  • New 7" multi-touch display with a higher resolution
  • New ON/OFF switch
  • New firmware version 7.0 (incl. dark mode)

"We are pleased that with the WideTEK® family of large format scanners, we can continue to offer high quality CCD scanners at a reasonable price. Like all devices from Image Access, these sheetfeed scanners are manufactured exclusively at the company headquarters in Wuppertal -- 'Made in Germany'", says COO and Sales Manager Rüdiger Klepsch.

If you are interested in seeing a virtual demo of our WideTEK line of CCD scanners send us an eMail
or to learn more, visit our homepage.


Image Access is the technology leader in the large format scanning market and offers products in all large format segments: Bookeye® overhead scanners for books and documents more than A1 in size, WideTEK® 36ART contact-free fine art scanner
for formats up to 36 x 60 inches, WideTEK® flatbed scanners for formats more than A2 / 25x18.5", WideTEK® sheetfeed
scanners for documents between 36", 48" and 60" as well as 36" duplex scanners for high volume production of
double sided scans and WideTEK® MFP solutions for every wide format printer on the market.

For more information, visit www.imageaccess.de or www.imageaccess.us

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