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WideTEK and Bookeye Product Lines and Software Greatly Enhanced

New touchscreens, new cameras, new functionality, same affordable prices

An active R & D department guarantees a constantly improving product line and Image Access has taken product enhancements to the next level.
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New GEN4 Cameras in Bookeyes and WideTEKs

Up to twice the scanning speed, 48 bit color depth, sharper images and lower image noise

Most WideTEK® CCD scanners and Bookeye® 4 overhead book scanners now feature a newly developed generation 4 camera, which is twice as fast than the previous generation 3 cameras and these scanners were already the fastest on the market.
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New cameras

New Displays and Touchscreens

27 inch 4K display on Bookeye 4 V1A, 22 inch color touchscreens and 7 inch capacitive touchscreens

Experience the new 4K 27 inch display on the Bookeye® 4 V1A. It features a 3840*2160 pixel resolution on a 27" screen yielding 160dpi of resolution. Most book cameras using consumer level digicams have less image resolution than the display on the V1As.
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New option lets you scan and OCR multipage documents in job mode

Scan2OCR is an optional software function which allows the user to scan in job mode and to OCR the entire page or multiple pages scanned, using multipage PDF mode. The OCR process runs in the background so that you can continue scanning subsequent pages in the job.

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Image Access has been a creative, inventive force setting itself apart from the competition as a manufacturer of professional scanner solutions. All scanners manufactured by Image Access are operated through the unique web based Scan2Net® technological platform. All Image Access scanners feature seamless network scanning on any Internet enabled platform. Image Access is the only scanner manufacturer that offers products in all large format segments: overhead scanners for valuable books more than A1 in size, flatbed scanners for formats greater than DIN A2 / 25x18 inches, sheetfeed scanners for documents between 36 and 48 inches in width, duplex scanners for high volume production of double sided scans up to 36 inches.

For more information, visit Image Access at www.imageaccess.de

Image Access GmbH is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  

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