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Bookeye® 5 V1A Professional
Cutting-Edge Technology for Book Scanning

Wuppertal, Germany - March 7, 2022

The scanner of choice for wide format book scanning, the Bookeye® 5 V1A Professional book scanner for digitization projects which require formats more than DINA1+, up to 25x36 inches, is the fastest A1+ book scanner on the market and is extremely book-friendly, and safe. It has the lowest possible footprint in the industry for a desktop model A1+ book scanner.

Using the cutting-edge camera technology from Image Access, this scanner meets FADGI *** and ISO 19264 guidelines, capturing images at unmatched speeds. At 600dpi resolution and with all image enhancements turned on, its scanning time is a mere 4 seconds.

The unique design of the Bookeye® 5 V1A Professional introduces features and functionality not available from other book scanner vendors. It is the only scanner with a motorized, height-adjustable glass top which also can be opened to any user-defined angle.

The Bookeye® 5 V1A Professional book cradle is the most versatile in the industry, supporting fully opened books at 180° - with or without the glass plate - as well as partially opened books via its V-shaped book cradle, all in one device. Every other vendor has to offer different models to cover all three scenarios.

The book cradle needs no motors. Because the book cradle is fixed, it can support any book imaginable weighing up to 30kg or 65lbs. The book cradle plates can be separated to accommodate books with spines up to 20cm / 8in widths. A flexible fabric bridges the gap between the individual plates, allowing it to provide optimal support for damaged spines.

The Bookeye® 5 V1A Professional book scanner is the perfect solution for demanding applications, highly efficient reproduction, and preservation projects of highly sensitive source material in libraries, archives, offices and more.

Be inspired by the entire line of Bookeye® 5 book scanners and experience the best in book scanning at a very attractive price. If you would like more information about this or any other Image Access products, please send us an email.

The new Bookeye 5 V1A

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